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May 03

The new trendy javascript things that litter job advertisements

Just a little note of some of the more commonly asked for Javascript frameworks for future evaluation

Backbone.js - At first glance it is a property binding framework

Bookface's React - Complex component creation with property binding. Putting the V in MVC

Angular.js - MVC?

Once the websites are renewed I will review each of these to see if they are useful enough to add to the stack

Feb 28

Redesign Points of interest

Below is a collection of links that are relevant to the redesign of the JonCorp sites

Current ideas

  • Use restful for back end. Possible MVC?
  • Use HTML5 canvas and toDataUrl for Doodle Diary

PHP MVC plus linkx to PHPUnit

Can I Use .... HTML5 Compatibility test

Server Side Events

Websockets, can't used with plain PHP?

Restful PHP tutorial

Amazing CSS3 examples

More cool CSS3 effects

Feb 27

Change cometh

So now that i am married off it is time to make a few changes, such as a redesign and re-purposing of this site. I am sure it is plainly obvious to anyone who has paid any interest in this site that things have changed, I no longer make games, I do not have as much free time, and I am a salaryman. So with that in mind its time to renew and review. Over the coming months I plan to renew all my websites and resurrect those that have fell into disuse.

This is a very brief blog as everything is in its embryonic stage right now but I will report back with any news as it is created

Much love


Aug 01

Wedding Invite blues

So it seems that some people are having trouble entering our wedding sites url into the address bar of their browser. The common issue is that they are compelled by an unknown force to enter the address into google or yahoo instead.

If that sounds like you please click here

Mar 17

Progress made

Hi and hello.

There was no post last week as I was working hard on making some progress and progress I have made. The contract work is entirely finished with and the super secret project is complete. The super secret project was actually a present for my lovely partner, a painting of her father.

So with two things off my list my objectives look like this

  1. Finish Info Grab app
  2. Create wedding invite design using Alan's rhyme
  3. Read about Cocos2D-X

This is just a quick update so I will leave you with a poorly taken pic of the painting

Much love