Grub Lite

Grub Lite

Release Date: Out Now!

Platform: Interweb

Grub Lite is a light version of a game I developed last year. I figured that I had almost a whole game and that I could have it ready to show now if I ripped out all the complex features that had led to it getting shelved. In the game you play a little purple guy called Grub. He wants to eat all the little green bugs he can find. The only problem is that the bugs are often high up and Grub is too fat to jump. Luckily for Grub he is able to rotate the whole world 90 degrees, allowing access to all the lovely bugs Grub can eat!



Mar 19

Grub Lite got featured on Indie Games Blog. It has some haters in the comments but thats what the internet is for :P Check it out here