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Feb 27

Change cometh

So now that i am married off it is time to make a few changes, such as a redesign and re-purposing of this site. I am sure it is plainly obvious to anyone who has paid any interest in this site that things have changed, I no longer make games, I do not have as much free time, and I am a salaryman. So with that in mind its time to renew and review. Over the coming months I plan to renew all my websites and resurrect those that have fell into disuse.

This is a very brief blog as everything is in its embryonic stage right now but I will report back with any news as it is created

Much love


Feb 17

The Life Liquid

Well I have been gone for a while. First there was illness and then a deadline both stole a week of potential productivity from me. In my time away I did manage to make some progress on the Info Grab app as evidenced below. It also highlighted an issue with the current technology I am using. Despite a lot of effort I am unable to get a smooth animation using surfaceviews and threads. This highlights the importance of learning C and Open GL ES. So going forward this needs to be a priority.

With learning as my new goal I have been thinking about what I should learn. I have decided to focus on Android as I feel its a good bet for the future and with that in mind there are three levels I wish to focus on

  1. The low level – C & Open GL ES – this is a real necessity if I want to create games and highly visual applications.
  2. The mid level – Standard Android – for various reasons I have focused all my Android development on using surfaceviews. I would benefit greatly from learning more about the Android framework.
  3. The high level – A high level framework that provides cross-platform compatability with Android, iOS, with Linux & Windows as a plus. Currently the two platforms that I am interested in are Cocos2d-x and Moai.

In addition to the three mountains I wish to learn I also have some contract work and a few wedding tasks I need to complete.

I have decided that it is futile attempting to complete tasks in just a week, all it takes is a couple of late finishes at work and a social event and I have lost an entire week. So with that in mind I am now going to set tasks and provide weekly updates until they are finished. Only once they are finished will I assign a new task.

My current tasks are as follows

  1. Finish Info Grab and publish it on the Google play store.
  2. Create wedding invites
  3. Finish contract work.

Now that I have put my world in order I will end the blog with a picture. As promised below is the current state of the Info Grab app. The green square is moving about like the ball in pong. The other squares represent the last positions of four fingers. The background is parallax scrolling.

Info Grab screenshot

Much love


Jan 06

new new for 2014

Hello 2014!

As the title might suggest I have a new, new plan for 2014 as I have done very little in the way of indie games since gaining employment. Basically this plan involves setting some goals for the week via this here blog and then attempting to achieve them. Its so simple it might actually work.

This weeks goals

  1. Read to the end of chapter 3 of C book.
  2. Work through all C examples
  3. Add a reading list section to my folio

I will leave it there for now, I don’t want to over reach on my first week.

Also I have added a Scraps section to this site. This contains a sampling of abandoned games.

Finally after a short break I finally finished my current Random Jam, it is called Flying Queen Motion and can be played HERE!

Queeny Vic

Much Love


Aug 13

The wonder returns

I have not been around for ages. This is because I achieved the state of gainfully employed a few months back. I am finally on top of things enough to start blogging and working on games. I have also decided to use this blog as a way of setting out my long term and short term plans. I am using Android & Linux a lot at work so I have decided to build a little Android game using a Linux development box. I have the Linux box running now so I just need to set up the dev tools. I plan to release an Android game in time for Christmas. My web host company moved me to a rubbish server so I also want to switch to a new host before the year is out. Until then I can only apologise for the slow page load times, it really is an awful service.

So by the end of the year I want to have

  1. Release an Android game on to the marketplace
  2. Move websites away from current host.

For this week I want to

  1. Finish the news site I agreed to help on
  2. Finish setting up my Linux dev box

Let's see how I do next week :D

Much love


Mar 19

Hunt plus plus

Things have been very busy of late. The job search is going ok, had a few interviews and some on going interest. I have also been working on a fair few projects to bolster my portfolio and get ready for anything employment may throw at me. I am currently working on a JavaScript based Text Adventure engine, a website for a youtube channel group called Bubblegum Monsters, a website based around the mixing of cocktails, and a little arcade game for the X-box. The first to be finished will be the text adventure engine which I am hoping to get done in the next day or so. Following that I am going to focus on the Cocktail website.

The Text Adventure engine combines OO-PHP, Javascript, and AJAX to convert an xml script into a text based adventure. The adventure is totally data driven as the xml defines not only the objects, rooms, and interactions but also the verbs that a player can use, any alternatives for those verbs, and a black list of words to ignore.

The Cocktail site is being developed in ASP.NET. Currently I am building the framework to deal with the database and user access. As part of this project I have written a class that partially abstracts the database interaction. I originally started to create this system as a replacement for Linq as it is incompatible with MySql. I quickly decided that partial SQL generation was a good compromise between spending weeks developing a wholesale Linq replacement and hard coding sql statements for every aspect. This system takes in a class with public members and uses reflection to generate the SQL. The public members are used to generate the field names as well as enforce the correct type when getting and setting from the database. The class name represents the table name unless the class contains a public constant called _OVERRIDE in which case the value of _OVERRIDE is used instead. Only the Where part of the sql statement must be hard coded. As you can imagine for a content heavy site this system could save you a lot of time. Once the website is complete and my class has been fully stress tested I will provide a link to it on my portfolio site.

In other news I have created a light version of Grub which can be found Here. I hope you enjoy it

Much Love