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Mar 19

Hunt plus plus

Things have been very busy of late. The job search is going ok, had a few interviews and some on going interest. I have also been working on a fair few projects to bolster my portfolio and get ready for anything employment may throw at me. I am currently working on a JavaScript based Text Adventure engine, a website for a youtube channel group called Bubblegum Monsters, a website based around the mixing of cocktails, and a little arcade game for the X-box. The first to be finished will be the text adventure engine which I am hoping to get done in the next day or so. Following that I am going to focus on the Cocktail website.

The Text Adventure engine combines OO-PHP, Javascript, and AJAX to convert an xml script into a text based adventure. The adventure is totally data driven as the xml defines not only the objects, rooms, and interactions but also the verbs that a player can use, any alternatives for those verbs, and a black list of words to ignore.

The Cocktail site is being developed in ASP.NET. Currently I am building the framework to deal with the database and user access. As part of this project I have written a class that partially abstracts the database interaction. I originally started to create this system as a replacement for Linq as it is incompatible with MySql. I quickly decided that partial SQL generation was a good compromise between spending weeks developing a wholesale Linq replacement and hard coding sql statements for every aspect. This system takes in a class with public members and uses reflection to generate the SQL. The public members are used to generate the field names as well as enforce the correct type when getting and setting from the database. The class name represents the table name unless the class contains a public constant called _OVERRIDE in which case the value of _OVERRIDE is used instead. Only the Where part of the sql statement must be hard coded. As you can imagine for a content heavy site this system could save you a lot of time. Once the website is complete and my class has been fully stress tested I will provide a link to it on my portfolio site.

In other news I have created a light version of Grub which can be found Here. I hope you enjoy it

Much Love


Mar 05

The release jubilation

Hello all, first of all sorry this is a little late. I have had a lot on my plate of late. I was going to blog about my adventures while on holiday (which included making piece with a bull!) but I have breaking news!

Love Hurts is now available to purchase on Microsoft's fine and dandy Xbox Live Marketplace in the Indie section. This happened during the last few hours of Thursday and led to an impromptu visit to Leamington Spa's local discotheque which is crudely called Smack! Since its release I have been e-mailing various news sites to try and get the word out. I even tried to get the honorable Stephen Fry to retweet the news for me. Sadly he was either too busy to do so or other people have attempted such a cunning ruse before and it has lost its charm.

It is still too early to tell how well it has been received, but even if it is considered the worse game ever, I will not mind too much as I am happy with what I have achieved with the project.

To those of you who have noticed the Run Away competition advertised in the Love Hurts menu screen, I am very sorry for the delay. You can find the competition Here. Best of luck to you!

On Monday I will go back to working on Big Foot VS Tokyo, which is progressing a little too slowly but it is looking good. Below is an early screenshot of the level selection screen

Big Foot VS Tokyo

Well sorry to be brief but I need to pack ready to go to my parents for the weekend and I fear I am very late!

Much Love