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Jan 14

Rollercoaster of indie

Hello internetz! A fair amount has happened this week, my game failed review, I started work on the next game, I did a little DIY badly, and there was a small amount of face to ground interface when I heroically walked the dog on a muddy field!

For those who have not seen my (basic yet acceptable) game trailer for Love Hurts please feel free to move you eyes about 1cm down!

<Rant> Now for a little moan about XNA and failing the review. Last night I was at 66% progress through the review and I was getting ready to go door to door to tell the world of my beautiful release (and about Love Hurts). This morning I was going through the instructions to reproduce a bug resigned to the fact that I am barred from resubmitting for a whole week. Once again profiles and guides have tripped me up. It seems that if you try and buy the game in trial mode using a guest profile (a profile that you can only sign in as via a game that supports guest but for some reason persist once you have quit the game) it does not fail correctly even though I am sure in the real world it would. Microsoft will you please make the guide and profile stuff easier to work with. I really do not care if the profile the person is using is a guest or not signed in when bringing up the market place window. I just want to make the game. Surely instead of throwing exceptions like a monkey throws turds you could tell the user what the deal is. </Rant>

On a lighter note I am a day into prototyping my new flash game. Its project name is Sub-Terra Terror and it looks a little like this

Sub-terra Terror

A little basic I know. You could even go so far as to say it is ugly but prototyping is just like a guillotine very quick and very messy (except with prototyping you do not need a basket for the head)

Love and kisses