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Feb 11

The Inspiration Imperative

Hello interested readers of JonCorp. Firstly allow me to apologies about the lack of blog last Friday. Things had conspired to confound me and I did not want to rage blog.

So last week I made the final changes to Love Hurts and lovingly applied spit and polish to the places that needed it. I also submitted it for review and watched as it failed on pretty much the same day it was added. Shockingly it crashes when you rip out the memory card out while it is using it. But sadly a crash is a crash regardless of how pedantic it is. As the deadline for games made in XNA 3.1 was last Monday and I took Love Hurts out of review on Sunday I had to spend the first part of this week converting it to 4.0. A task made worse by the ineffective 3.1 to 4.0 converter which seems to fail to convert any of the resources leading to "X resource compiled with incorrect version of XNA" errors. Eventually I discovered that I had to recreate the entire project and import all the resources again. I feel things would have gone smoother if they did not bother with a "converter" at all.

The rest of the week I spent implementing the A* algorithm for a future game I plan to do. Here is a screen shot of an earlier implementation. The path maker appears drunk because of its fear of moving in a straight line :P

Drunken A*

As I am awfully poor and constantly getting poorer I need to get something out there and some money in quickly. To that end I have came up with a new idea which I should be able to create in two weeks (I made a bet on it). I am slightly miffed that I only came up with this idea after spending 2 days working on something else, but the idea is great enough to surpass any feelings of miffed-ness. Behold some early concept work of my great new idea!


I have a busy weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow will be spent testing Love Hurts and watching movies with some mates. Sunday includes a visit from the parents, Love Hurts submission, and possible enforced DIY :S

Have a fun weekend

Much Love Gov


Jan 14

Rollercoaster of indie

Hello internetz! A fair amount has happened this week, my game failed review, I started work on the next game, I did a little DIY badly, and there was a small amount of face to ground interface when I heroically walked the dog on a muddy field!

For those who have not seen my (basic yet acceptable) game trailer for Love Hurts please feel free to move you eyes about 1cm down!

<Rant> Now for a little moan about XNA and failing the review. Last night I was at 66% progress through the review and I was getting ready to go door to door to tell the world of my beautiful release (and about Love Hurts). This morning I was going through the instructions to reproduce a bug resigned to the fact that I am barred from resubmitting for a whole week. Once again profiles and guides have tripped me up. It seems that if you try and buy the game in trial mode using a guest profile (a profile that you can only sign in as via a game that supports guest but for some reason persist once you have quit the game) it does not fail correctly even though I am sure in the real world it would. Microsoft will you please make the guide and profile stuff easier to work with. I really do not care if the profile the person is using is a guest or not signed in when bringing up the market place window. I just want to make the game. Surely instead of throwing exceptions like a monkey throws turds you could tell the user what the deal is. </Rant>

On a lighter note I am a day into prototyping my new flash game. Its project name is Sub-Terra Terror and it looks a little like this

Sub-terra Terror

A little basic I know. You could even go so far as to say it is ugly but prototyping is just like a guillotine very quick and very messy (except with prototyping you do not need a basket for the head)

Love and kisses