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Jan 20

The progress Deficit

Hi and hello, as you can imagine from the title last week was less than optimal. After muddling through a third week of failing to meet all objectives I have decided to reduce the number of objectives set each week to two or one if the objective is large. Hopefully this will improve my success rate.

So on to the weeks progress. Sadly all I managed to complete was the instellation of Mint on my netbook. I have made some good progress on the android APP but it is far from finished.

This weeks goals are as follows

  1. Complete Android application
  2. Start C tutorials

Hopefully these goals are a little more achievable than the previous weeks.

Time to fire up eclipse and write some Android

Much Love


Aug 13

The wonder returns

I have not been around for ages. This is because I achieved the state of gainfully employed a few months back. I am finally on top of things enough to start blogging and working on games. I have also decided to use this blog as a way of setting out my long term and short term plans. I am using Android & Linux a lot at work so I have decided to build a little Android game using a Linux development box. I have the Linux box running now so I just need to set up the dev tools. I plan to release an Android game in time for Christmas. My web host company moved me to a rubbish server so I also want to switch to a new host before the year is out. Until then I can only apologise for the slow page load times, it really is an awful service.

So by the end of the year I want to have

  1. Release an Android game on to the marketplace
  2. Move websites away from current host.

For this week I want to

  1. Finish the news site I agreed to help on
  2. Finish setting up my Linux dev box

Let's see how I do next week :D

Much love


May 21

Inspiration overload

Blog ho me hearties!

How are things with you? Good I hope. This week has been fairly positive. I have got another painting sorted, started re-reading I'm A Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstadter, and made some good progress on Grub

As the title of this blog suggests I have been having a little trouble with inspiration this week. The problem is that throughout the week I have been frequented by (in my humble opinion) good ideas. The main problem with this it that its takes a certain amount of will power to keep focused on the project at hand when a parade of ideas are marching through the normally empty space behind my eyes. Here are some of the ideas I have had this week, a painting idea for a friend. A text generator based on the relationship between words. A rabbit simulator that uses weighted possible actions to drive behaviour. A sun collector powered sterling engine. And finally a possible direction for a web based business. The sterling engine is currently on top of the alluring ideas stack closely followed by the text generator. In fact I think I will attempt to build a sterling engine tomorrow

Grub wise progress continues to march on. This week I have finished four level themes. I have partially introduced the tutorial elements. Added three more food types. I also started work on finalising the redefine keys system but ran out of time due to a school boy error. It seems you need to disable the shortcuts in order for the Keyboard.ON_DOWN event to detect keys bound to the shortcuts. I only noticed by blind luck as I happened to try and redefine the action button to A. Below are some screenshots of the new world themes

Grub theme 2

Grub theme 3

Grub theme 4

As mentioned I have also finished another painting in my Literary Nutcases theme. This week I painted Aleister Crowley AKA The Beast! It came out pretty much as intended (after a false start where I messed up on the first layer). I am not full convinced I like it, although that is how I feel about everything I create. Currently I flip flop between liking it and planning to redo it. I will see how I feel tomorrow. You can judge for yourself as I have included Crowley in his old man form below.

The Beast

Well that is all for this week. It is late and I have a cheeky bottle of wine that is daring me to take her top off :P

Much Love


May 01

Holiday hiccups

Hello! This week has been a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster but worry not, I remained stoic through out. Well ok I moaned a little and maybe I didn't give the dog his treat after our jog. I remained mostly stoic :P What caused such highs and lows you probably ask. Well on Monday I could not bring myself to work at all. It turns out the Conchords where wrong in saying When you're unemployed, there's no vacation. No one cares, no one sympathizes. You just stay home and play synthesizers. Because I was in full on holiday mode through out the bank holiday (I also do not own a synthesizer, cant afford one :P). Tuesday I spent researching my options as the delightful IRS rejected my W7 application for an ITIN number. It seems Microsoft have created an impregnable shield between me and the money they owe me. It looks like the easiest way would be to setup a LTD and apply for an ERN, which is just ridiculous. So now I am researching what the minimum is for running a company. I also applied for a job this week; the role is a winforms c# developer which is a very nice and comfortable dev environment. Fingers crossed :P

This week I solved the annoying in game gui design. I finally came up with something I am happy with. I noticed on one of my more hectic levels if the pc was busy doing other things it would stutter a fair bit. So I checked out what was going on to see if I was being overly wasteful. It turns out I was, because of the amount of interact-able elements in the level 1653 collision checks had to be made each frame. So right now I am in the process of optimizing the collision detection by implementing a grid based collision detection system. Basically as an object moves across the screen it will move from one cell to another and only objects within the same cell will be tested for a collision. I have created the grid and have started tracking objects through the grid. I just need to refactor the actual collision detection to use the grid.

Here are some screenshots of the much loved gui elements

Timer gui

Food gui

Over the last few days I have been toying with a new game idea. It is very quirky and strange but I think it could be quite interesting. I am thinking of trying to get it done next weekend. It will be quite a challenge and I will have to have the game fully thought out before the weekend starts but I think it could be quite a fun project.

Best get back to that refactoring :P

Much Love


Apr 23

The hot potato sympathy

Bonjour brick house dwellers! That's right baby no ones going to blow you house down! Not sure why I felt I had to start this blog with a three little pigs reference but I think it is best to humour my stranger impulses, it keeps me on my toes. This week has been very productive. The web site is completed and my client is happy with it and I also managed to make some good progress on Grub. I got a step closer to reading my book on unity. Now all that stands between me gaining 1337 unity h4x0r skills is a rather disappointing book on Python which I will get through sometime tomorrow

Grub wise this week has been very good. I added in the slide show for Dave and my logos so everyone knows who to blame when the game comes out. I also added in a basic menu system which I plan to tart up as soon as the inspiration chins me. I also added in a nice mood background to the game and built the start of the timer visualisation. I wanted the timer to show both how much time is left in the level and if completed what award you would receive. It still needs some work as the whole thing looks a little disconnected just floating in the darkness. Below are a few snaps of Grub in its current glory for you to ogle.

Grub Logo screen

Grub title screen

the new timer

the new worlds

Sadly there will be no revelations this week as I need to prepare for an afternoon in what I now understand to be a rather undesirable area of Birmingham. Wish me luck in protecting my neck and if I am not back by 12 light a candle for me. BLOCK WARRRSSS (yes I know Birmingham is nothing like Mega-City One)

Much love