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Jan 28

The knitting exasperation


So as we all give a single fingered wave to the past week it is time for me to look back at the past seven days and sum them up here through the majesty of the written language. Although that is not to say that what I write could be considered majestic. I did after all learn to write by vandalizing public toilets with graffiti. I would proclaim esoteric statements like "Dun ya mum in da bum!". But to who's mum did I refer to! Take that society.

This week I continued to improve Love Hurts as planned. I did however fail to complete this task due other responsibilities which I will come to in a minute. Love Hurts now has random health drops, weighted by how mean I believe the bad guy to be. Upon collecting a health drop the words NOM NOM NOM fly across the screen, unless you pick up a negative health drop! I figured having the player blindly gulping down anything that is dropped is a dangerous precedent. Much better to have the player question the merit of the health drop. It is very clear which one is the bad one and its occurrence is very rare. I also added a combo counter with a nice little bonus score once the timer has ran out and providing you do not get it in the face before hand. All that is left now is the rewriting of the tutorial, adding a name to the credits (that is you Quanrian in-case you are reading), and to tweak one or two elements.

This weekend I am off to celebrate my good friends 30s birthday. His lovely wife purchased him an electronic device (I am not going to say what on the off chance he reads this) and I being poor had decided to knit a protective pouch for it as a gift. This knitting thing which you see grannies globally twiddling away at is actually bloody hard. In fact I no longer believe these grannies to be grannies. I think they are young people prematurely aged by the stress and dedication it takes to learn to knit. Knitting is often considered a girly pursuit but I am here to say that I deem it hard enough to be considered a manly pursuit! I also made a painting for his lovely wife as it was here birthday recently. I will include a picture here as I know she has no interest in my comings or goings. It is the first painting I have done in a while and it proved to be very difficult. It is certainty not my best work but it is good enough for her (maybe if she took more interest in my comings and goings I would feel more inclined to do better). It is of part of a harp. The harp by the way is the hardest thing to stencil ever! Take a look for yourself.

Lisas harp

Well I need to pack and text my driver so I will bid you good day.

Much love gov


P.s. how do you like my new sign off?

Jan 21

The hurts continuance

Tip of cap to you fine ladies and gentlemen of internetshire. This week has been an introspective dawdling of doubt. I have decided to work a little more on Love Hurts before releasing it although now that I have made the decision I am regretting it.

It all comes down to quality versus reward. Will the extra work on Love Hurts translate into additional sales? Sadly such a question can not be answered. My main objective upon entering this vocation was to create beautiful and unique works. But the need of an income seems to be in direct conflict with this objective. When ever I think of improving upon Love Hurts part of my brain (the part my farther would be proud of) reminds me that the game is only going to retail at 80 points (or about 69p with 17.5p going to Microsoft). So as noble as the plan is to make Love Hurts the best it can be without a decent financial return it could doom my whole endeavor and force me back into dare I say it gainful employment.

Sadly as I stated at the start of the previous paragraph it is all unknown right now. So I will bravely move forward with the improvements and hope that I do not have to resort to dusting of the old curriculum vitae!

In lighter news Love Hurts now comes with two new moves. The deadly uppercut and pleasing elbow drop. I am also in the process of adding weighted random health drops which will hopefully include a humorous touch. I have added a health based end of level bonus and made it so upon the start of each level you are greeted by a full and fresh health bar. Additionally I plan to tweak some of the enemy AI and possible rewrite the entire tutorial section.

My prototype for project sub-terra terror was not working the way I had hoped so I have shelved that for the time being for a new project (named capitalist resistance) which I hope to get working on next Friday as I have allotted from now until the end of next Thursday to improving Love Hurts

Love and kisses