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Mar 06

Baby steps

My update is very late this week because lots of things have happened. I have made some progress in between all of the distractions so it is not all lost.

The contract work is all but finished, I have got most of the resources I need for the super secret project. I need to start looking at CoCos2D-X sooner rather than later as the need is heating up at work. Hopefully I will get a little time over the weekend. My current tasks are as follows

  1. Finish Info Grab Still nothing
  2. Create wedding invites Nothing new has happened
  3. Super secret project Gained resources

Hopefully more of these items will be gone this time next week

Much love


Feb 24


Back once again with the weekly update. I am feeling positive today thanks to a jog around the block. I made some progress last week but not as much as I should. I worked a little on the wedding invite. I created a basic template and then researched ideas around it. I now need to start to implement a few of the ideas. I have also decided to focus on the contract work over Thursday and Friday as I have both of these days off. With fingers crossed I hope to finish it before the end of Friday. I also urgently need to work on a super secret project for my lovely partner Amy's birthday. I am a little worried about getting the resources for that as I am affluently challenged at the moment.

Here are the offical updated on my current objectives

  1. Finish Info Grab - Nothing
  2. Create wedding invites Initial draft created
  3. Finish contract work. - Work scheduled
  4. Super secret project design phase started

Type you next week

Much love


Feb 17

The Life Liquid

Well I have been gone for a while. First there was illness and then a deadline both stole a week of potential productivity from me. In my time away I did manage to make some progress on the Info Grab app as evidenced below. It also highlighted an issue with the current technology I am using. Despite a lot of effort I am unable to get a smooth animation using surfaceviews and threads. This highlights the importance of learning C and Open GL ES. So going forward this needs to be a priority.

With learning as my new goal I have been thinking about what I should learn. I have decided to focus on Android as I feel its a good bet for the future and with that in mind there are three levels I wish to focus on

  1. The low level C & Open GL ES this is a real necessity if I want to create games and highly visual applications.
  2. The mid level Standard Android for various reasons I have focused all my Android development on using surfaceviews. I would benefit greatly from learning more about the Android framework.
  3. The high level A high level framework that provides cross-platform compatability with Android, iOS, with Linux & Windows as a plus. Currently the two platforms that I am interested in are Cocos2d-x and Moai.

In addition to the three mountains I wish to learn I also have some contract work and a few wedding tasks I need to complete.

I have decided that it is futile attempting to complete tasks in just a week, all it takes is a couple of late finishes at work and a social event and I have lost an entire week. So with that in mind I am now going to set tasks and provide weekly updates until they are finished. Only once they are finished will I assign a new task.

My current tasks are as follows

  1. Finish Info Grab and publish it on the Google play store.
  2. Create wedding invites
  3. Finish contract work.

Now that I have put my world in order I will end the blog with a picture. As promised below is the current state of the Info Grab app. The green square is moving about like the ball in pong. The other squares represent the last positions of four fingers. The background is parallax scrolling.

Info Grab screenshot

Much love


Jan 27

The quicksand analogy

Hello all, last week was a bit of a failure in terms of progress. Work consumed the week and social obligations what remained. I did make some progress on the Android application however. I have been porting the game framework I use in flash and XNA. So far I have the basic game loop and game screens working. As soon as I finish this blog I hope to add frame skipping and a touch singleton to the mix. There is a fair amount of work to be done but it will enable me to create some basic games and apps so hopefully it will be worth it. So as you can guess I did not finish the android application. I also failed to go through any of those damn C tutorials that I never seem to get to.

This week I plan to do the following

  1. Complete Android framework
  2. Complete InfoGrab App
  3. Improve Info Grab details page

Finally if there is time I could do with working on the wedding invites. I really should be spending more time in general on the wedding. At this rate I will be saying I do in jeans and a T-shirt!

Here is a screenshot of the Android framework in all its unfinished glory

Much Love


Jan 20

The progress Deficit

Hi and hello, as you can imagine from the title last week was less than optimal. After muddling through a third week of failing to meet all objectives I have decided to reduce the number of objectives set each week to two or one if the objective is large. Hopefully this will improve my success rate.

So on to the weeks progress. Sadly all I managed to complete was the instellation of Mint on my netbook. I have made some good progress on the android APP but it is far from finished.

This weeks goals are as follows

  1. Complete Android application
  2. Start C tutorials

Hopefully these goals are a little more achievable than the previous weeks.

Time to fire up eclipse and write some Android

Much Love